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FIRST DAY Thursday 30 September

Why we take photos of Andreas Katsikoudis 1:07:29, Start time 16:00 A documentary about photography and its lovers. 5 cities and an area, 8 photographers and a photo team share their secrets with us! Athens, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Chania, Corfu and North Evia

Hommage by Spyros Alidakis 48:00 Start time 17:15 A documentary tribute to Lefteris Vogiatzis. A strange dreamy, associative tour in the world of Lefteris and in the area of ​​the Theater of Cyclades Street. Images, documents, sounds, rare archival material, excerpts from his performances, memories and interviews of his collaborators, are harmoniously intertwined in a composition.

George of Kedros of John and George Kolozis 1:22:15, Start time 18:15 A personal journey through time through the eyes of two generations of filmmakers, on the island of Donoussa from the ‘70s until today. George Kolozis went to Donoussa for the first time in 1972, there was no electricity or tourism on the island then. Living alone on the beach of Kedros, he acquired the name "George of Kedros".

Nikos Karouzos - The road to the air of Giannis Karpouzis 1:41:43 Start time 19:45 A persistent researcher examines the turbulent life and unexplored work of the modernist poet Nikos Karouzos. He thus dives into a multitude of archives, super 8 films, of historical events, passes through cloudy Athens, Nafplio, Kronstadt and Stockholm to reach "Air", the "spring" of history that has not yet come.

Looking for Orpheus by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou 45:34. Start time 21:20 The documentary "In Search of Orpheus" seeks, in a poetic way, the traces of the mythical musician in Lesvos. We meet ordinary people by chance and ask them what they know about this subject. Each of them adds another tale to what is said about Orpheus. Among them, we meet the award-winning Chinese poet Lanlan.

SECOND DAY Friday, October 1.

Splendid land by Eleni Vlassi and Jin Huaqing. Start time15: 30 During the pandemic, loneliness and depression surround this retired elderly Englishman. He misses his previous travels in the mysterious west of the ancient eastern country. The mighty Mukam who sings and dances, the miraculous oasis of the desert, the century of the eagle on the plateau ... These kinds of memories evoked the memory of the wonderful land that made him dream…

The Greeks of Ethiopia then and now by Vassilis Froggakis 1:00:14 Start time 16:00 Ethiopia is a unique country, different from any other country. In 1970, there were almost 3,000 Greeks in Ethiopia, but today there are only 150. Six Greeks who are still or have been in Ethiopia for a few years or for the rest of their lives, talk about their life in Ethiopia and why they would or would not return. in GREECE.

Babel- From Silence to Explosion Squadron Study 1.10.20 Start Time 17:10 Athens, February 1981. How a group of people, solely motivated by their love for the 9th Art, learned from the Greek public that comics are not just for children. The story of the Legendary comic magazine (and not only) Babel and the international festivals it organized.

Transfer by Ilias Giannakakis 1:55:29 Start time 18:30 The documentary film is a mosaic, a wide composition, which took four years to make. Through this composition, with a constant axis of the transfer of the National Library from the Valliani building on Panepistimiou Street to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, the whole microcosm of the National Library emerges, from the Council to the last support staff.

Kifissia Omonia by Menelaos Kyrlidis 20:31 Start time 29:40 I do not know what pushed me that morning and instead of the daily walk, I took the train to Omonia. I thought that chapter was closed for me. A longtime employee at the corner pharmacy, my nostrils were filled with the smells of medicines and the smells of the square.

The exiled Falah Ghati by Christos Karakasis 45.12. Start time 21:20 A shocking and more relevant journey than ever in the artistic and political course of the internationally known Iraqi painter Fallah Ghati, who has been exiled from his country for thirty years and with his painting describes the memory of the war and the savage looting he suffered. at his place of origin.

THIRD DAY Saturday 2 October

The silence of the seabed of Filippos Vardakas 1.32.45 Start time 15:30 14.09.1943: The legendary Submarine "Y1-L. Katsonis "is sunk north of Skiathos by a German anti-submarine. The narration through the book of the Existent Elias Tsoukalas who was saved by swimming for 9 hours to the shores of the island, secret documents, diaries of the crew members is the thread that unwinds the human stories that are woven around the submarine.

We will not sell our future of N. Velissaropoulou 52:28. Start time 17:10 Garyfallia and Dimitra, two teenage girls, live in beautiful Halkidiki, which is threatened with environmental disaster without precedent by the construction of an open-pit gold mine. Experiencing intensely the dispute over the mine and the financial crisis, the two girls, with innocence and dynamism, decide to fight for their future.

Who is Magdalene Remundo Eugenio Barba 1:02:03 Start time 18:10 Actors, directors and theater theorists present the man who redefined the Art of Theater. A narrative about the unique approach to the theatrical art of the world-famous director and theater theorist Eugenio Barba.

In your own way by Konstantinos Fotiadis 33:20 Start time 19:20 A couple of wandering musicians from France and Belgium, Manou and Orphis, decide to stop in Plomari, having as a baggage their talent and love for Balkan music.

Spyros and the round of death of Linos & Dimitris Kafidas 52:28. Start time 19:50 Spyros is the last acrobat of the Round of Death. He lives a nomadic life with his family, his caravan and some motorcyclists who often leave him. His father was a Death Round legend as well as well-known names were his grandfather, his uncle and his brother - a half-century family tradition.

From trash to treasure by Lara Lee 21:00 Start time 21:00 From erosion to overgrazing to enduring poverty, the people of Lesotho - a mountainous country surrounded by South Africa - face a variety of difficult challenges. However, the popular communities in the country show tremendous ingenuity and creativity. In particular, a large number of artists have mastered the talent for change, developing the ability to creatively turn the negative into the positive.

Alone in the Forest of Lefteris Amulet 51:00 Start time 21:40 From 1985 to 1989, Konstantinos Pittas traveled all over Europe alone. With a compact 35ara MINOX he took 30,000 black and white photos. His goal was to make a book with the Europeans united, behind both sides of the "Iron Curtain". With Europe without borders. He took his last photo at the Berlin Wall a day after his fall.