Opening of the 4th West Side Mountains Doc Fest

Today begins the 4th Epirus Documentary Festival or West Side Mountains as it has become known during its years of operation.
Our festival hosts hundreds of films from abroad and Greece, which every year increase in number, but most importantly the their quality is every year and better.
This year the festival is also characterized by the film "Georgios Karaiskakis at the borders of Myth" which was created on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution and is shown on almost all scheduled stations of the festival, which which fills us with joy and satisfaction, since it is our own creation.

A work that is screened at the festivals of Ierapetra and Crete and is a candidate for other festivals such as the International Digital Film Festival.
Hoping that we will have the support of the people on the difficult road that we follow, we are waiting for you to spend ten beautiful evenings of "summer cinema" With films from the five continents for our own Continent "
For contact us call us at 26810 72309

The photo is from the ancient theater of Kassopi and shows the statues of Zalongos.