Antikythera Mechanism – Narratives

We inform you that our movie “Antikythera Mechanism – Narratives” will be screened at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Olympion Building, “Zannas Hall” on Sunday March 10th at 17:30. You can also see our movie at the international AGORA with code # 519 Science & Technology.

A few words about the movie: The documentary (78΄) directed by Nikos Papakostas shows the Mechanism of Antikythera an ancient computer of the 2nd century BC which is the most important archaeological find. It shows that the Greeks had developed advanced technology. It has been made by Greek scientists based on Pythagorean Philosophy and Greek Science more than 2500 years ago.

We will be in Thessaloniki from Thursday March 7th until Monday 11th March afternoon. If you would like to contact us, for any information about our film, you can send us a message to or call us on (0030) 6955 638….

Yours sincerely, Canto Mediterraneo Non Profit Org team