Submiters Reviews/ Σχολιασμοί συμμετεχόντων

Marcos Altuve
It has been an honour that our film “The eyes of the land” has participated and has been selected
It is a festival that I would love to be able to attend in person when the opportunity exists. They have received good attention,
and everything has been excellent.
September 2021

Alireza Rahmantalab
The festival was held in the best and most glorious way possible. Thanks to the organizers
August 2021

Vilma Kartalska
Great festival and perfect communication. Thanks for giving us a chance to be seen! Wish you lots of successful events!
August 2021

Christos Karakasis
Thank you for the award you gave me congratulations on the beautiful and creative event I wish the festival to continue
for many years to continue to screen film productions from around the world
October 2020

Christos Sagias
One of the most interesting festivals in Greece! It was a real honour to be awarded by the festival, I hope to visit and enjoy it next year!
October 2020

Nuala Dalton
Thanks so much for screening my short doc Higher Ground. I was really delighted to be selected and I thought it was the perfect festival for it.
I was sad not to be able to travel due to the current health climate, but I’m so glad the festival was such a success. I love everything I’ve seen
and read about the festival – I think it’s fantastic what you are doing there. Hopefully, I’ll make it another year! Best Wishes for the festival in 2021!
August 2020

Henrik Dahlbring
Happy to have been part of this unique festival!

Lane Shipsey
Great that the film festival was able to go ahead this year when so many were unable to proceed and thank you for including
our short film Olive Harvest shot in the west of Greece, as a semi-finalist. Hope to get to Epirus another year as the audience
for West Side Mountains Doc Fest. Evcharisto poli
August 2020

Konstantina Tsaprouni
A great film festival, in a beautiful place! Thank you for the selection!
August 2020

Gianluca Marcon
Great Festival, good communication. Very nice. Thank you
August 2020

Aphrodite Salas
Wonderful festival and excellent communication with Festival Director Nikos Papakostas. Many thanks for the selection!
August 2020

nacho recio
Very nice festival in a beautiful place, thanks for the selection!!
August 2019

Mind the Bump
Thank you for including EGEO – The Sea For me in the program!
August 2019

Miguel Ángel Santacruz Sevilla
Amazing Festival! A great place, in the heart of Greece, our ancient culture, the best place to share and show our Film.
August 2019
Dear Miguel Angel thanks a lot. We wait for you with your next film

Steven Gayle
Great festival, only wish I could have been there in person

Nikolaos Galanis
A great Festival due to magnificent people and beautiful places. I was honoured just to be a participant in this wonderful
celebration of cinematography. It was an excellent opportunity for me to meet unbelievable people and fantastic villages.!
October 2018

Konstantinos Georgopoulos
Excellent festival, organized by people with a passion for documentary films. Great hospitality and great diversity of films
created by directors from all over the world.
September 2018
Υour words give us courage. We are waiting for you again with a new film

Domenico Cuzzucoli

Honoured to have been selected at the Festival and to know lovely, welcoming, kind and professional people.
Many Thanks

Russell McMahon
We were blessed to have our short documentary accepted as an Official Selection for this festival. The communication from start to finish was stellar.
The organizers were always gracious and offered assistance and guidance. We were captivated by the premise of having all films screened in 5 different
villages. A brilliant format to be sure. In 5 years when this festival gets its traction, we will consider our participation as an Official Selection
in the very first festival an honour. I heartily recommend that all new filmmakers submit their films for consideration. Bravo to Nikos Papakostas and
his entire staff.
August 2018